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Hands On Course Design with Generative AI: A TLOS Stone Soup Forum is a Course

Hands On Course Design with Generative AI: A TLOS Stone Soup Forum

Ended Nov 15, 2023
2 credits

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Full course description

Term: Fall 2023

Date: November 15th, 2023

Time: 12:00pm - 1:30pm

Location: University Mall 2104 (Directions)

Instructors: Aaron Bond & Dan Yaffe

Presented By: Technology Enhanced Learning & Online Strategies(TLOS) & Professional Development Network (PDN)



We’re excited to introduce our new interactive series: “Stone Soup Forums”. The name is inspired by the folktale of Stone Soup, where each member of a community contributes something small to create a substantial and shared outcome.

The essence of these workshops is collaboration and knowledge sharing. As we gather around a predetermined theme, each one of us brings our unique perspective, insights, experiences, and queries to the discussion. The goal is to tap into participants’ wisdom and understanding to the benefit of all involved.

In this open forum we will provide guided practice with Generative AI tools.  With the right prompting and review, Generative AI can help streamline course design tasks and make  presentation creation more efficient. Join TLOS staff and other faculty in a hands-on exploratory experience.