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Promote your Scholarly Publications with Kudos is a Course

Promote your Scholarly Publications with Kudos

Ended Mar 16, 2020
1 credit

Full course description

Term: Spring 2020
Date: March 16th, 2020
Time: 2:30pm - 3:45pm
Location: Online Only
Instructors: Rachel Miles
Presented By: University Libraries (LIB)
Zoom: 779-131-8183

You've published your long-anticipated manuscript. Congratulations! This may be your first publication, or it may be one of dozens. Regardless, you may be feeling as if you'd like to help boost the visibility and reach of your publication to a broader audience (outside your field and/or to the public) or to more colleagues in your field. Kudos is a free 'science' communication tool for all disciplines to help communicate your research in nontechnical language, boost its visibility with a few simple steps, and assess the reach of your efforts with unique usage statistics, altmetrics, and citation counts. Note: this free tool is limited to publications that have a formal digital object identifier (DOI) assigned to them; most publications do have DOIs assigned to them when publishing a formal online journal, book, or book chapter