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SIRC Investigator Series: Conversations with Researchers is a Course

SIRC Investigator Series: Conversations with Researchers

Ended Feb 26, 2021
1 credit

Full course description

Term: Spring 2021

Date: February 26th, 2021

Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm


Instructor: Kory Trott

Presented By: Scholarly Integrity & Research Compliance



The SIRC Investigator Series focuses on integrating the tools of ethical analysis into day-to-day research activities. Having the skills to identify areas of ethical uncertainty, analyze the potential options, and articulate the rationale for the chosen course of action are vital skills as the scientific community maintains the public's trust in the scientific process.

The SIRC Investigator Series: Conversations with Researchers initiative will provide Virginia Tech researchers with a forum to share the ethical considerations that they make during the design, conduct and dissemination of their research. Through the lens of the researcher we will share the ethical decisions made routinely throughout the life cycle of a project and reflections on why and how those decisions are made. The goal of this series is to open the door to new perspectives and meaningful conversation in the pursuit of research excellence. 

Our inaugural speaker in this series will be Dr. John Palmore. Dr. Palmore is the Principal Investigator for Virginia Tech's Combustion, Atomization, & Multiphase Physics Research (CAMPhyRe) Group. Dr. Palmore uses computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to study fuel production and its use in aviation. On Friday February 26, from noon to 1:00pm, Dr. Palmore will be discussing the ethical considerations that inform his research. He will focus on biofuel use, aviation safety, and the benefits of the growing open science movement.

We invite all members of the Virginia Tech research community to learn about and discuss the ethical considerations that inform responsible research and innovation at Virginia Tech. 


If you are interested in sharing your research as a part of this series please contact Kory Trott at