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Ensemble: Online

1 credit


Full course description

Duration: 35 mins.


Ensemble: Online is a self-paced, foundational-level course that will walk you through the basics of page building, assets, and working with components inside Adobe Experience Manager (Ensemble). 


Ensemble: Essentials

As Part 1 of the Ensemble series, Essentials will cover the basics of page building within the Adobe Experience Manager. Participants will explore the CMS interface working primarily with page building and review how tags work. We will cover the following components: Text, Multi-Column, and Multi-Tabs/Accordion.


  1. Review the CMS Interface
  2. Build out a New Page (using text component)
  3. Use the Multi-Column Component to organize text and images
  4. Use the Multi-Tabs and Accordion Component to organize text and images
  5. Review how Navigation is built


Ensemble: Working with Media

As Part 2 of the Ensemble series, Working with Media will cover the various components that add assets to Ensemble and how to add internal and external content to a Page. Components we will cover: Images and External Media.

Note: This course does not cover image editing. Editing should be done outside of Ensemble via tools such as Photoshop. This course also doesn't cover the Media component as a standard best practice is to use Kaltura or Youtube to host videos instead of the CMS. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  1. Organize and upload assets to Ensemble
  2. Use the Image Component to add images to a page
  3. Use the External Media Component to add content from Kaltura or Youtube


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