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Reducing Implicit Bias in the Classroom is a Course

Reducing Implicit Bias in the Classroom

Ended May 27, 2022
4 credits

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Term: Spring 2022

Date & Time: Course available January 24th - May 27th 2022


Instructor: Michele Deramo

Presented By: Inclusion & Diversity (INDV)



Implicit bias is pervasive. We all carry biases rooted in assumptions formed over time, yet these biases may not align with our professed values of fairness and equity. We know that implicit bias has real-world effects. How then can we reduce its influence in our teaching, advising, and assessing of students? The session provides steps for managing / reducing implicit bias on both personal and organizational levels. Participants also have time to review their processes for assessing students and make revisions where needed in order to increase the potential for consistent and equitable interactions with all students By the end of the session: Participants will have guidelines for reflecting upon and re-associating implicit biases they may bring to the classroom.