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Universal Design for Learning 101 is a Course

Universal Design for Learning 101

3 credits


Full course description

Term: Ongoing

Date & Time: Self-Paced

Location: Online Only

Instructor: Pearl Xie

Presented By: Technology Enhanced Learning & Online Strategies (TLOS) & Accessible Technologies (AT)



Welcome to our Universal Design for Learning (UDL) course!  UDL is a scientifically valid framework for the design of highly flexible, personalized, and inclusive learning environments to support all learners.  In this course, we will cover why UDL is important to higher education, what the current trends are in UDL practices and research in higher education, what are the best practices for applying UDL principles to course design and delivery, and how UDL can help address the needs of all learners and promote an inclusive and accessible learning environment in higher education across the United States. 

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