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ANOVA in JMP (Self-Paced)

Started Jan 1, 2021
2 credits


Full course description

Term: Spring 2021

Date & Time: Self-Paced


Instructors: Frances McCarty, Jennifer Van Mullekom, & Katherine Miller

Presented By: Statistical Applications & Innovations Group (SAIG)



Do you have data that includes a continuous response, but want to test the differences between different levels of a categorical predictor? Performing an ANOVA may be appropriate. What if you have more than one categorical predictor or also have a continuous predictor variable? In the SAIG Short Course ANOVA in JMP, we will cover several varieties of ANOVA, a common statistical procedure. The following topics will be covered:

• Understanding when using ANOVA is appropriate
• Checking ANOVA assumptions
• Fitting a one-way ANOVA model
• Fitting a two-way ANOVA model
• Interpreting interactions
• Fitting an ANCOVA model

No previous experience with JMP is required! Bring your laptop with JMP installed on your machine. You can download JMP from the Virginia Tech Software Service Center from the following link:

If you already have JMP on your laptop, make sure it’s the most up to date versions.

This course is jointly sponsored by the Statistical Application and Innovations Group (SAIG) and Professional Development Network (PDN).

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