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Intro to QuestionPro: Building and Implementing Online Surveys is a Course

Intro to QuestionPro: Building and Implementing Online Surveys

Started Feb 4, 2022
6 credits


Full course description

Term: Spring 2022

Date & Time: Self-Paced, with Office Hours offered monthly

Location: Online Only

Instructors: Erin Collins & Nathaniel Porter

Presented By: University Libraries (LIB)



This workshop provides a self-paced introduction to building, administering and analyzing online surveys on the QuestionPro platform, as well as transitioning from Qualtrics to QuestionPro. It provides instructions and examples of a wide range of standard features. Course modules are complemented with opportunities for individual assistance through remote office hours and consultation. The only required assignment asks you to create or import a survey to QuestionPro and analyze artificially-generated data to practice working with a variety of features and provide an opportunity for expert feedback on your surveys prior to sending them into the field. We anticipate the workshop requiring approximately 5 hours to complete, or somewhat more if you choose to design a complex survey. 


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