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Establishing Work from Home Policies (LinkedIn Learning)

Started Jun 5, 2020

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Full course description

Term: Summer 2020
Date, Time & Location: Online Self-Paced Course
Instructor: Michael Gutman
Curated By: Talent Development via LinkedIn Learning


Establishing Work from Home Policies (LinkedIn Learning) can help your organization successfully work from home or any other remote location. As the former director of marketing at FlexJobs and a remote work educator and advocate, Michael Gutman connects people and companies with the value of flexible work.

In this course, Michael helps managers create a continuity plan for uncertain times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The policy you create can have far-reaching impact beyond the crisis, by tapping into new markets, creating a culture of work flexibility, and creating employee loyalty and engagement. Discover how to create and communicate your policy, solicit feedback, and provide the training and leadership to make your policy a success. Michael also includes a chapter of tips for employees working from home.