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Designing a Presentation (LinkedIn Learning)

Started Jul 10, 2020


Full course description

Term: Summer 2020
Date, Time & Location: Online Self-Paced Course
Instructor: Tony Harmer
Curated By: Talent Development via LinkedIn Learning


In Designing a Presentation (LinkedIn Learning), learn about one of the most essential skills for all knowledge workers, marketing professionals, business owners, and educators, which is the ability to design compelling presentations. Whether you’re reporting performance metrics, delivering a training, or pitching a big idea, you need a presentation to support you and illuminate your speech.

In this course, designer Tony Harmer takes you through the essentials of presentation design to give you the tools you'll find most useful in thinking about, designing, and building successful presentations. Tony covers a variety of key topics, including moodboards, layout, color considerations, type, graphics and images, charts, transitions, and animations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Outlining your topic
  • Creating a storyboard
  • Developing your design ideas with moodboards
  • Exploring slide typography
  • Using colors, words, and images effectively
  • Using charts and graphs
  • Effectively using animations and transitions
  • Beyond the presentation

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