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Evidence Synthesis Workshop Series Spring 2021 is a Course

Evidence Synthesis Workshop Series Spring 2021

Started Feb 8, 2021
12.0 credits


Full course description

Through the completion of this badge, you will be introduced to the foundational concepts of evidence synthesis. Evidence synthesis is a broad term that describes many approaches, most notably systematic reviews. These approaches aim to inform decision making through the distillation of a comprehensive set of information and resources that address a specific topic or research question. As a means to informing decision-making, it is imperative that evidence synthesis is well-documented, reported transparently, and incorporates layers of critical assessment of quality and bias in both the resources synthesized, and the review process itself. For more specific learning objectives, please view the description provided for each workshop in the links below. 


To earn an Evidence Synthesis Badge for Spring 2021, you will need to participate in all of the following workshops which will take place between February 15 and April 28:
Participation in at least one of the following session is also required:
The Basics of Covidence (self-paced; complete any time before May 5)
Covidence Q&A (held twice, March 15 & May 3)


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