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Research Ethics & Compliance for Virginia Tech Researchers (HRPP, PRDP, COI, RCR) is a Course

Research Ethics & Compliance for Virginia Tech Researchers (HRPP, PRDP, COI, RCR)

Ended Apr 28, 2020
4 credits

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Full course description

Term: Spring 2020

Date: April 28th, 2020

Time:  8:30am - 12:30pm

Location: ONLINE ONLY 

Instructors: Kory Trott

Presented By: Scholarly Integrity & Research Compliance (SIRC)




Ethics and compliance are both integral components of Virginia Tech’s ability to conduct innovative and impactful research. While compliance is following the law, ethical decision making is the process of making decisions that are consistent with professional values and ethical norms. This training will cover a broad range of compliance activities while highlighting the ethical principles that are the foundation for responsible research. Attendees will learn about the ethical treatment of human subjects in research, ethical stewardship of research data, objectivity in research, as well as well as ethical authorship practices.

Other information:
• All attendees will be required to complete a post-course knowledge check
• This training will count for 4 hours of in-person training towards the NIH’s 8-hour in-person training requirement
• These courses do not replace graduate program ethics and integrity course requirements